We create unique images


Business shooting at a Buddhist temple, black milk on a food blog or timelapse impressions from a wedding –
Our photography service starts with a fresh idea. Every photography assignment is treated as an individual task and every client has the same importance for us.

To keep our high standards of quality we never work on contemporaneous projects. We create unique images that will bring brands, people and locations to life.


Symmetry in architecture is not like symmetry in photography. This simple rule sums up the inner core of an art that defines itself not only by swiss precision but by creating images that bring castles, industrial buildings or whole cities to life. We form unique images using light and shadow.


Every company, every marketing campaign and every brand needs an eyecatcher. People, buildings, projects, stories and products can be part of this. In synergy with your wording, our pictures and ideas can make the difference between an ordinary adds or an exiting contemporary artwork.


Happiness, laughter, anger – emotions shape faces and reveal our inner soul. They are the most intimate part of human kind. They create romantic wedding pictures. They outshine every rainfall. And they reveal our inner beauty. As photography is an art, there is no limit in creating portraits.


Tennis, hockey, surfing – sports in all varieties, from professional Bundesliga football up to private mountain biking is one of the most dynamic fields of photography. Sports photography therefore requires a top professional equipment as well as a fast reaction and excellent awareness.


There ain’t no mountain high enough, no valley low enough, no river wide enough. Traveling takes us to the most beautiful landscapes, cities and places on earth. In combination with people or architecture photography, traveling the world leads us to a fresh marketing campaign.


Endangered vultures, seldom squirrels or majestic lions are often spectacular or heartbreaking motives in wildlife. They require a good knowledge of nature, patience and the instincts of a hunter. But even our beloved cats, dogs, birds or horses can be center of interest in photography.